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2024 Coworking Market Research: UCA Announces Survey Launch

The Ukrainian Coworking Association (UCA) announces the start of its annual survey on the flexible spaces market and invites owners, top management, consultants, industry contractors, and residents to participate in this global survey to understand the current state of the Ukrainian coworking industry.

"The UCA is the only organization conducting such research, and it's crucial for understanding the market. This allows coworking operators to evaluate the current situation and clients' needs to improve their services. For members, it is also relevant as their feedback helps make coworking spaces even more comfortable," notes Anastasia Kachan, Senior Real Estate Consultant at CBRE Ukraine and Chairwoman of the UCA Supervisory Board.

"Despite being relatively young, the Ukrainian coworking market has endured several turbulent periods, including COVID-19, a full-scale invasion, and blackouts. These events have significantly affected the functional features of flexible spaces and residents' needs. Thanks to the regularity of our analytical research, we can observe these dynamic changes," explains Victoria Zhurbas-Lytvyn, founder of the Ukrainian Coworking Association initiative.

CBRE Ukraine, a long-term partner of the Association, began researching the domestic coworking and flexible office market in 2017.

"We are delighted to participate in this research year after year and contribute to the development of the coworking sector. Understanding trends in flexible offices is also important for our business, as a more competitive and modern market in Ukraine creates more opportunities for us and our clients," says Diana Kvitchuk, Head of Marketing and Research at CBRE Ukraine.

"Work culture and tenant preferences are rapidly changing, especially in Ukraine during the war with russia. The client profile and needs are evolving, presenting new challenges and opportunities for operators. To stay competitive, operators need to continually study market trends and consumer sentiments. They must see the big picture of the industry and monitor emerging processes. The coworking market research is a tool that will help us all better understand client needs and new trends, thus preparing well for the future," adds Igor Dzhebyan from Spacebring.

The collected data will help document the state of the industry, structure market players, and forecast development paths. Additionally, it will examine the total area of locations nationwide, the average cost per workstation, tenant profiles, technological equipment of locations, and other important issues.

If you work in the coworking sector or are a regular resident, we invite you to participate in the survey, which will take no more than 15 minutes. The questionnaire for flexible space operators can be found at the provided link. If you are a flexible space member, please join the survey via the link as well.

The survey results will be presented at a coworking conference in October.

The research is conducted in partnership with the commercial real estate consulting company CBRE Ukraine and Spacebring coworking space software.

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